Tōru Sanada
Character Name
Kanji 真田 徹
Rōmaji Sanada Tōru
Personal Information
Nickname Tōru
Birthday November 11
Age 24 (debut)
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Sign Scorpio
Family Tetsuko Sanada (Mother)

Genji Sanada (Father) Ryu Sanada (Brother) Haruka Katayama (Wife)

Professional Status
Affiliation Kitahoro High School (OB)
First Appearance
Manga Volume 5 Chapter 20
Anime Episode 19 Dream
Voiced by Wataru Hatano

Toru Sanada (真田 徹 Sanada Tooru) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke.

Toru is Ryu's older brother by eight years and Chizuru's crush since she was young. Although he is Ryu's brother and they resemble one another, their personalities are nearly opposite.

He lives three hours away from his parents' house and returns home to get married.[1] He cares about Ryu and Chizuru a lot and loves Chizuru like a little sister. He calls her Chi because when he says it, it induces a smile.

Pin is a good friend of Toru, they have been together in high school.


Toru has light-brown hair and is slim. He has slanted brown eyes and hair of a similar color, along with fair white skin and a clear, white smile.


He is caring and is kind, always full of enthusiasm. Toru resembles Shouta's personality-wise and looks extremely refreshing, except much more mature


  1. Kimi ni Todoke chapter 20
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