Sanada Tetsuko
Character Name
Kanji 真田哲子
Rōmaji Tetsuko Sanada
Personal Information
Nickname Tetsu (Genji)
Gender Female
Family Genji Sanada (Husband)

Toru Sanada (Son) Ryu Sanada (Son)

Professional Status
Occupation Ramen shop
Affiliation Sanada Family
First Appearance
Manga Volume 15 Chapter 62

Tetsuko Sanada (真田哲子 Sanada Tetsuko) is the late mother of Ryu and Toru. She died while she went to pick up her younger son at school, in a car crash caused by the ground frozen by the snow.


Mrs. Sanada looks remarkably similar in appearance to her son, Toru, but with more feminine features, she had a slender and good-looking figure with short light colored hair.


Not much is known about her, but it looks like she was a very kind and caring woman. We can assume that she loved his children and Chizuru.


Genji Sanada

Genji is Tetsuko's husband and the father of their children. It seems they were deeply in love with each other, since her husband was seen to cry and despair after her death.

Chiaki Yoshida

Sanada family's neighbor, not much is known but it seems they were pretty close and had a good relationship.

Chizuru Yoshida

Chiaki's daughter, Tetsuko often made onigiri for her and Ryu to eat, she deeply cared for her, to the point of asking her to become her daughter-in-law. After her death, Chizuru was seen grieving, after realizing that she will never be able to see her again.

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