Ryu Sanada
Character Name
Kanji 真田 龍
Rōmaji Sanada Ryū
Personal Information
Nickname Ryu (Chizuru, Ayane, Shouta)

Sanada-kun (Sawako)

Birthday December 2
Age 15 (Debut)
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Sign Sagittarius
Height 179 cm (5'10)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Motto "Work silently"
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kitahoro High School

Baseball Team

First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Episode 2 Seating Change
Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (Anime)

Haru Aoyama (Live Action)

"Ryu is a serious and kind guy. He's an earnest and great guy. Ever since he was a kid, so long as he could find one thing to motivate him, he would be satisfied. He would silently overcome the toughest of times. He wouldn't blame anyone. Ryu would just quietly persevere."
- Chizuru describing Ryu's personality
Ryu Sanada (真田 龍 Sanada Ryū) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Chizuru Yoshida


Ryu and Chizu

Ryu is a close childhood friend of Chizuru, having been friends since they were young. His feelings for Chizuru were established early on, and was hinted on several occasions. He does not deny having feelings for her. He later confirms his love when he confesses that he likes Chizuru to Sawako. While his love is unrequited, he is very patient with Chizuru realizing that Chizuru probably won't like him in a romantic sense, at least not right away. He's more than willing to comfort Chizuru if she's depressed, though he would rather have her mad at him as he knows Chizuru can vent out her emotions better. He seems to be fine with their friendship however later on, make it clear to Chizuru that he didn't want to tolerate it anymore and wanted something more. After a certain point, Chizuru started to become increasingly awkward around Ryu, blurting out random insults, stuttering while speaking or being at a complete loss for words. He notices this change in her, however she denies acting different. Chizuru denies having any romantic feelings towards Ryu, and Ryu remains patient with her, accepting whatever decision she may make. When Ryu decides that he wants to attend university, Chizu is surprised as she thought he would always remain in their hometown. She becomes confused and more distant from Ryu later noticing that she always thinks and worries about him. Ryu drops by Chizu's house while on his run to greet her "Happy Birthday" and finds her sitting on the front steps. He asks if anything is wrong seeing as she would always sit there when she was in trouble as a kid. He claims that while he didn't bring her a present, he promises to "win" and achieve his goals for her because she had always been encouraging him throughout his life. At this point Chizu bursts into tears and begs Ryu not to go. She later lies that she was joking, when Ryu grabs her hand and asks if she likes him. When she doesn't answer he repeats his question, to which she replies that she does. Ryu then immediately leans forward and kisses her. 


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Ryu is also a member of Sawako 's group of friends introduced to her by Kazehaya, who is considered to be his best friend.  Ryu and Kazehaya became friends when they were on the baseball team during middle school. 


He is quiet most of the time and rarely talks, but still can communicate well with Sawako, seeing as they have similar softly spoken personalities. He is often shown to be sleepy while in class and does seem to enjoy napping whenever possible. Ryu appears to be quite smart as well, as he passed his exams without the need for remedial classes, much to Chizuru's surprise. While he appears to be pretty clueless most of the time, Ryu is very sensitive and intune to the feelings of others, most especially Chizuru. On more than one occasion, he has been shown to be aware of people's thoughts and concerns just by observing their behaviour. Ryu himself however, does not reveal his feelings or emotions as openly as others.

He sacrifices a lot to comfort others, something that Chizuru is very aware of. He is also capable of giving very good advice to his friends when his opinion is sought in different situations however, is very direct and blunt, and his advice can sometimes be misunderstood. Ryu also seems to like animals a lot; when Shota was going to walk "Pedro Martinez", his adopted puppy, home with Sawako, Chizuru pulled Ryu away telling him he's going to walk with Ayane and her instead. While being pulled away from Shota's puppy, he cried out for it. Ryu is also very hardworking as shown when playing baseball or working in his family's ramen shop. He aspires to be accepted into university and play baseball. 


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