Youko Kuronuma
Character Name
Kanji 倉野陽子
Rōmaji Kuronuma Youko
Personal Information
Nickname Mrs. Kuronuma
Gender Female
Family Sawako Kuronuma (Daughter)

Mr. Kuronuma (Husband)

Professional Status
Occupation Stay-at-Home Mom/Wife
Affiliation Kuronuma Family
First Appearance
Manga Volume 2 Chapter 4
Anime Episode 1 Prologue
Voiced by Sakurako Kishiro (Anime)

Youko Kuronuma (倉野陽子 Kuronuma Youko) is the mother of Kimi ni Todoke series protagonist Sawako Kuronuma.


Mrs. Kuronuma has a slender and petite build much like her daughter, Sawako. She has pale skin, small black eyes usually seen as black dots with a single eyelash, and light brown hair styled in a shoulder-length bob with split fringe. She is seen wearing various pastel colored sweaters and t-shirts with slacks and a white apron.


Youko is a very kind and caring woman that you would consider the ideal mom.


Mr. Kuronuma

Mr. Kuronuma is Youko's husband and the father of their only child, Sawako. They are very close and seem deeply in love with each other, but Youko still seems to enjoy watching her husband have meltdowns when Sawako chooses to see her friends over spending holidays with the family.

Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako is Youko's daughter and only child, they have a very close mother-daughter bond. Youko tries to be the good parent between her and her husband, and is often the one to give Sawako permission to see her friends and boyfriend even at the risk of them growing apart.

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