Episode 22
Episode Info
Kanji クリスマス
Rōmaji Kurisumasu
Air Date March 9, 2010
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 24
First Snow
The Two

Christmas is the 22nd episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


The winter vacation is drawing near. Unfortunately, Chizuru, who got low grades, have to take remedial classes. Shouta planned to organize a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. He says everybody should be able to attend, since remedial classes are already over by the 24th. At the end of classes, a time when no more people can be seen, Sawako stares at the sign-up sheet. Suddenly, Shouta appears and wishes for Sawako to come. Sawako wants to come, but wishes to consult it with her parents first, since the Kuronumas have the tradition of being together the whole day. Even so, Shouta still encouraged her to.

At home, Sawako tries to tell her parents about the party, but ends up realizing how important it is for her parents for her to be just at home. At class, Sawako decides to give Chizuru and Ayane's gifts early, and tells that she wouldn't be able to come. Shouta arrives and knows the situation.

Nevertheless, Sawako was still making Shouta a hand-knit cap. On the eve, Sawako's father finds the cap and wears it, thinking that it was for him. Sawako spends the day with her parents. Night fell, and suddenly Chizuru called from the party. Ayane tells they really wished Sawako was there. When Sawako ended the call, her parents realized the situation and were very happy. That is when Sawako decides to go to the party. Before she left, her dad handed Sawako his gift: a cellphone.

Sawako runs off to the party. The party ended, and everyone was gone. Sawako arrived at the venue, realizing it has already ended. But, Shouta was waiting there, expecting her to arrive. Shouta handed Sawako his gift, which he thought would be pointless: a four-leaf clover cellphone charm. Sawako tells Shouta about her cellphone; and Shouta became Sawako's first contact.

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