Kento Miura
Character Name
Kanji 三浦 健人
Rōmaji Miura Kento
Personal Information
Nickname Kento (mostly everybody)

Shisho/Master/Teacher (Sawako)

Birthday February 6
Age 16 (Debut)
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Sign Aquarius
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kitahoro High School
First Appearance
Manga Volume 7 Chapter 28
Anime Episode 1 Valentine's Day (S2)
Voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Anime)

Kento Miura (三浦 健人 Miura Kento) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke.

A student in Sawako's class during second year who sits next to her. When Sawako befriends Miura, Kazehaya becomes jealous of him as a potential rival for Sawako. He is interested in girls, particularly Sawako and tries to persuade her to give up on Kazehaya, suggesting that she is burdening him.


As seen in the manga.

Kento has blond, wavy hair, and is shown to be tall, although his height has not been confirmed. When Sawako met him, when he sat beside her, she imagines him as an American. He has brown/yellow eyes, and is seen usually wearing the usual school uniform.


Ayane Yano

In the manga it is shown that he has an interest in Ayane and later was confirmed that he has feelings for her. He also comforted her when she broke up with Motoki. Later after the Christmas party, Kento confronts Motoki and punches him, soon after he and Ayane begin to date, but in the latest chapters, he and Ayane broke up.

Sawako Kuronuma

He sat beside Sawako in the second year which got Shouta jealous and angry, he tries breaking them up but ends up making Shouta confess to Sawako but since both of them never understood what the other person meant they ended up separating and things turn to Kento's way but failed in the end realizing Sawako only sees him as a friend.

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