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Kento Miura
Character Name
Kanji 三浦 健人
Rōmaji Miura Kento
Personal Information
Nickname Kento (mostly everybody)

Shisho/Master/Teacher (Sawako)

Birthday February 6
Age 16 (Debut)
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Sign Aquarius
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kitahoro High School
First Appearance
Manga Volume 7 Chapter 28
Anime Episode 1 Valentine's Day (S2)
Voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Anime)

Kento Miura (三浦 健人 Miura Kento) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke. He is introduced as a new classmate of Sawako Kuronuma and several others in their second year of high school, having been in Ume Kurumizawa's first-year class.


As seen in the manga.

Kento has blond, wavy hair, and is shown to be tall, although his height has not been confirmed. When Sawako met him, she imagines him as an American. He has brown/yellow eyes, and is seen usually wearing the usual school uniform.


A flamboyant and charming personality, Kento immediately makes his interest in Sawako clear when he joins her class and gets seated next to her, which makes Sawako's actual love interest, Shouta Kazehaya, jealous. Although similar to Kazehaya in that he is kind and outgoing, Kazehaya merely puts on a facade to cover his insecurities while Kento embraces the attention he receives. Kento also has a female fan following which he developed as a result of helping girls through their own heartbreaks; his fans agree to not become romantically involved with him, or his other friend Tsuru.

Kento is also quick to jump to conclusions. For example, he attacked Mogi Motoki thinking the latter had assaulted Ayane Yano, when in fact it was the guy Ayane dated before Mogi that did this to her.

Kento goes on to study interior design after graduating from Kitahoro High School.


Sawako Kuronuma

His interactions with main character Sawako upon being sat next to her in class during second year, are the driving force behind Sawako finally realizing her feelings for Kazehaya. He helps organize the after-school study sessions for the first mid-terms, and sees Sawako teach. Then, partially out of his own interest towards Sawako, Kento tries to convince Sawako that she no longer needs Kazehaya, telling her that Kazehaya likes someone, though he didn't know who Kazehaya liked at the time.

After Sawako and Kazehaya officially get together, Kento is both happy for Sawako and sad for himself, though manages to get over it by courting one of Sawako's friends.

Ayane Yano

Ayane was initially hostile to Kento after suspecting that he would meddle in Sawako's attempts to get closer to Kazehaya, which he did do after all, and was thus told to stay away from Sawako. Kento starts showing interest in Ayane once Sawako and Kazehaya go out together, but is turned down once by her. Before leaving Okinawa, Ayane breaks up with another boy that had asked her out, and Kento happens to be the first person she reveals the breakup to. It takes a while for Ayane to consider whether to go into another relationship, and whether she's serious about them, but she is apparently sold on dating Kento when he goes after her during the Christmas party and offers her a bouquet, despite it being trampled on.

Going into the new year and the final term of the second year, however, both Ayane and Kento are forced to think about their futures as individuals, and thus, even though they exchange chocolates on Valentine's Day, and Ayane gets a present from Kento on her birthday, the relationship fails to progress. Ayane becomes increasingly frustrated at Kento making his decisions based on where she goes, and thus, it doesn't take long for the relationship to be severed, although both agree to properly meet to call off the relationship. They do not avoid each other after breaking up; Kento congratulates Ayane on her entry into Tokyo University during graduation.

Shouta Kazehaya

Before transferring into his class, Kento was somewhat aware of the kind of person Kazehaya was. After helping to organize the study sessions for Sawako to oversee as a teacher, Kento encounters Kazehaya and tries to get him to stop bothering Sawako, explaining that she fits in class just fine and doesn't need Kazehaya's help anymore. Kento also asks whether Kazehaya likes someone; Kazehaya says he does but doesn't reveal anything beyond this due to Kento's arrogance. Kazehaya next encounters Kento holding Sawako's arms and trying to comfort her. He immediately brushes Kento off of Sawako, claiming that Kento hurt Sawako. After three classmates see the commotion, Kazehaya confesses and walks off, with Sawako following him. Kento does not encounter Kazehaya again until after the latter officially starts going out with Sawako; there, Kento reveals why Sawako had cried in front of him, and Kazehaya doesn't take this well.

Relations only start to cool once Kento pursues a relationship of his own, this time with Ayane, and Kazehaya was someone he sought advice from despite the latter not knowing much about Ayane himself.

Ume Kurumizawa

Kento was only in Kurumi's class for the first year; he too had noticed how Kurumi changed from being sweet to being rude. When Kurumi starts hearing rumors about Sawako rejecting Kazehaya, the first person she goes to for clarification is Kento. The next day, Kento hears that Kurumi liked Kazehaya too, and proposes that he goes out with Sawako so that Kurumi can get with Kazehaya - Kurumi slaps Kento on the face for making such a suggestion, and runs away. Much later on, Kento appears to eavesdrop on Sawako's conversation with Kurumi at the rooftop, and after seeing Kurumi again, Kurumi admits to Kento that her ship had long sailed.


"I feel sorry for her. Leave her alone. She's started to get used to her new classmates. If the other girls get jealous because you bother her, That wouldn't be fun for you either. Besides, oh, I shouldn't tell you Sadako-chan's secret. It's just that I'd feel sorry for her, if you generated jealousy among the other girls, and made her expect more from you." - Kento's "advice" to Shouta, chapter 31 (season 2 episode 4)

"Hey, maybe you shouldn't be close to him anymore. That would be better for both of you. Time to spread your wings and enjoy yourself. Kazehaya doesn't need to help you anymore! Sadako-chan, Kazehaya has someone he likes. I thought of not telling you, but you shouldn't let him confuse you so much. So I mean, take this as a chance for a fresh start. You can have a relationship with someone else!" - Kento urging Sawako to leave Shouta, chapter 34 (season 2 episode 5)

"Can I be honest with you? At first, I thought it was impossible for you to get Kazehaya. I thought you and Kazehaya were so different. If he were gonna date someone, it wouldn't be you. Besides, even though you told me that you didn't feel a wall between you and him, it seemed to me that there was one between you. A wall you wouldn't have with other classmates. You're surprisingly cute. I thought you should give up on him and get along with your other classmates. Or choose someone else. I wouldn't mind if you chose me, either. I like it when you smile. But the only one who can make you look gloomy or cry, or even make you laugh, is Kazehaya, right? I'll support you. Good luck." - Kento admits to Sawako he was wrong, chapter 38 (season 2 episode 8)

"You're a kind person. I couldn't see the real you and I didn't let you speak up. I pushed my own assumptions onto you. And I've done other things too. But you've always been kind. Don't forget... you mustn't forget.. never forget how much I liked you. That way, next time you can like someone just as much. Make sure you like that guy a lot!"
"At least I know you're crying for me. And that eases my pain. When I asked you to be my girlfriend, and just now too, you cried for me! I was happy to see you cry, and laugh for me, and wear the earrings I gave you. I was happy to be your boyfriend." - Kento splits from Ayane on good terms, chapter 95


  • The name Kento means "healthy, strong" (健) (ken) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Kento's surname Miura means "three" (三) (mi) and "inlet, bay, gulf, creek, cove" (浦) (ura).

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